Understanding The Basic Reasons for Development of XML

Behind every development there is a necessity. The same fact applies to the XML development. As we know today web is expanding at very high speed. It is now a part of people’s life and almost used daily for our day to day needs.

Dealing with web based transactions and information on internet is a common thing today. So with this speedy advancement and high popularity of web, the need to handle the huge amount of data over web and during transactions is required.

There is a need of standard representation of data which is accepted globally and also that format should be easy and efficient in order to make storing and transmitting of data easy. This requirement is one of the basic reasons for the development of XML.

Other reasons behind the development of XML are its compatibility and flexibility. Today internet access is not limited to the computers only but people use different type of devices like laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s to access the internet.

Every device has its own technical capabilities and limitations. Also they may use different formats for the representation of data. But with the use of XML we can use any hardware and software platform to access data because it is compatible across different platforms. The reason for this lies in the fact that XML tells the system what data means. It actually describes the data and it has nothing to do with the display of data.

XML is quite flexible and because of it data representation is done in such a way that it can be easily transmitted and shared between different applications, systems and organizations. XML sets standards for defining the data in such a way that content is separated from the display. It also describes the sequence in which data should appear in the document.

Today web is in an over bloated state. There are numerous web sites and uncountable web pages floating around. Every document has a piece of information and our search engines should be capable enough to provide us relevant web pages corresponding to our search. This is also one of the reasons for the development of XML.

Our Search engines are software and they have no clue about what is displayed in the page or what is the page about. As we know XML describes the data and it can tell the search engine what exactly the web page is about. So to improve the search engines technology so that they can provide relevant and accurate results, a standard method of defining the data i.e. XML came into scenario.

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